Frequently asked questions

Are you registering anything, when I am browsing my phone.

We are not identifying individual phones or users.
We are collecting statistics. From web, we are registering users using Google Analytics, mostly to see which countries our visitors are from and which functions they use, which browsers they use etc. The phones are registered by their total traffic amount and we are counting how many phones have connected. These statistics are used to improve the user experience, using MobCable.

How can I see if the phone is running in Wi-Fi mode

When viewing files at, the upper right corner displays a Wi-Fi symbol or a picture of The Earth in Internet mode.
The same symbol are present in the "Transfers" tab on the phone.

How do I disconnect the phone from MobCable

The phone can be disconnected in two ways. Either click "disconnect phone" in top right corner in the browser or open the menu on the phone and select disconnect.
Phones not disconnecting correctly (restarts, lost Internet connection etc.) are disconnected automatically after 15 minutes.

How is Wi-Fi mode detected

Wi-Fi mode is detected by the browser, calling a small JavaScript file stored inside the app. If the file can be reached, the phone is in Wi-Fi mode. The internal network IP of the phone is auto detected by the app.

How long are my downloaded content from my phone stored on the server

The content is removed 15 minutes after the phone or the browser is disconnected. When "Disconnect phone" is clicked or "Disconnect" is selected on the phone, the content is removed immediately.

How much data traffic does MobCable use

MobCable uses approximately 50-100kb of data traffic (plus the size of transfered files, in Internet mode)

How often does the phone and browser check for updates

The browser and phone checks every 5 seconds, which gives a worst case scenario of 10 seconds waiting time, before the phone responds to a command, given from the web browser.

What is Internet mode

Internet mode, is when the browser and the phone can't connect directly. The files are then stored temporarily on, allowing file downloads and uploads between phone and browser. In Internet mode, we have a file size limit of 10.000.000 bytes, there is no total limit.
The browsing functions has more latency in Internet mode, due to slower connection speed and the data pulling rate between browser and and the phone.

What is MobCable?

MobCable is an Android App and a website, working together, allowing users to gain access to files on their phones storage. It works both with Wi-Fi or by using the phone's 3G/4G Internet connection.
MobCable is, as far as we know, the only remote file explorer App, working without a Wi-Fi connection

What is Wi-Fi mode

Wi-Fi mode is when the phone and the browser can connect directly. In wi-fi mode, files are downloaded and uploaded directly to the phone, using a small web server included in the app. In Wi-Fi mode, there is no file size limit.

Who is behind

MobCable is developed by Site Project ApS, which is a small IT company based in Slagelse, Denmark. Ulrich Jensen is the main developer, with more than 13 years of experience in Java developing. The main idea was developed by Ulrich Jensen and Henrik Hansen. A lot of our friends has also volunteered with help, testing and suggestions, including Teddy, Ole, Maria, Lars Bo, Lars J, Andreas, Kim and many others. Thanks!

Why can't I download entire directories in Internet mode, as a ZIP file

Downloading entire directories would use a very high amount of trafic on your phone. We have friends with more than 400 pictures in one folder
which would use 350 mb and take more than 30 minutes to download. Instead, the files have to be added manually to a zip file.

Why do I need MobCable

MobCable is a simple and effective tool, when you are without your USB cable and need files from your phone. It works with and without Wi-Fi

Why is MobCable different from other remote file explorer Apps

MobCable gives you access from everywhere, not only when the phone and computer is on the same Wi-Fi network. MobCable auto detects if your phone is reachable using local Wi-Fi network.